Monday, December 14, 2009

Generation "what's next"

My blog has gotten off to a slow start because if nothing else, life gets in the way. Not only does life get in the way, but many of us get distracted from things we start by having the "what's next" problem before we finish.

Our parents and grandparents were born en route to fulfill very structured roles and very attainable job positions. Because of the lack of choice, women became settled and men went to work. Access to the rich and famous was limited and therefore, most were satisfied with their lifestyle and those of their neighbors. Life was predictable and therefore comforting to most. Reaching for the stars means saving up for the new Ford or getting a promotion from the local drugstore. Life was less complicated because the "what's next" was obvious and simplified. No guess work, no risk, no failure.

For better or worse, we have many options. We have many "what's next" moments where both men and women have no idea where to go but yearn for something new. Access to famous lifestyles gave every American an intimate look into what's "attainable" with a wisely chosen "what's next". However, few Americans attain that celebrity lifestyle because there is no rhyme or reason to getting there. The result: twenty somethings frustrated to hell that they'll be seen as a failure by their family and friends if they don't find something lucrative and groundbreaking to do with their lives. With every new "what's next" moment, panic induces fear that there will never be a stopping point... a moment of comfort that life is where it should be.

Dear twenty somethings, don't dismay. The world today gives us many options, which can lead to great contentment. It can also lead to a life full of "what's next" because it can be so damn difficult to find "what you're good at" or "what you like doing." The truth is.... everything you do will be work. However, if you pay attention to what you spend most of your free time doing, that can steer you in the right direction. So, google business plan, and go for it. Open up that gym, take cosmetology classes, go to law school, start that foundation. And when you still ask yourself "what's next", remember that everyone else is too. Choosing a "what's next" is what's important. It's living.

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  1. glad to see you are feeling positive. :-) Can't wait for you to be in T-town next semester!